Through Green Solar Training Agency (GSTA), we have initiated a training and workforce development program that will generate green collar jobs and help develop green energy efficient communities in inner-city/rural areas. The primary goal of this initiative is to create career pathways through technical skills training designed for local residents, dislocated workers, Veterans, college and high school students. Our green training and workforce development is innovative focusing on: Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) Technology, Solar Panel Technology, Geo-Thermal Technology, Solar Thermal Technology, Bio- Mass Technology, Energy Management Technology, and other related aspects of the construction industry. Certification will be available for all trainees who complete the 6-8 week training cycle. We also desire to strengthen communities by providing green technology skill sets that will enhance sustainable jobs and economic development in the inner-city/rural regions.

We are currently developing training and workforce development programs for Alabama, California, Haiti, Asia, and Africa through collaboration with Community Colleges and Universities.

GSTA has been recognized by The Department of Labor for receiving a National Training/Apprenticeship Program Certification through the office of Apprenticeship. The registration number for our certification is: AL007103865.